S4E7 - A Touch of Zen (1971)


Hello everyone, 

In this episode of Heroic Purgatory, we visit Taiwan to discuss of King Hu's most notable films, A Touch of Zen (1971). A seminal piece of the wuxia genre, the film features impressive acting, stunning cinematography, and nail-biting martial arts sequences. Does the film stand the test of time. Listen and find out. 

We hope you enjoy!


  • Hawaii International Film Festival 2023 (October 12th – 22nd on O’ahu and through November 05th on neighbouring islands)
  • Chicago International Film Festival 2023 (October 11th – 22nd)
  • Tokyo International Film Festival 2023 (October 23rd – November 01st)
  • Five Flavours Film Festival - Warsaw, Poland - November 15 - 21 in cinemas, November 15 - December 03rd Online - Link
  • The Radical Cinema of Kij┼ź Yoshida (December 0st-7th) Link

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