S3E2 - Parasite (2019)


Hello everyone, 

In this episode of Heroic Purgatory: An Asian Cinema Podcast, John and Jason discuss Bong Joon-ho's award winning and record breaking 2019 film, Parasite. They discuss themes of class and gender present in the film, its comparison with other films like Kurosawa's High and Low, and speculations about the film's legacy and success.

We hope you enjoy!

Episode Outline and Resources


2:14 - Media Consumption

14:30 - News

18:55 - Film Discussion


  • CAAMFest 2022 (website) 12 May 2022 – Sun, 22 May 2022 Online
  • Visions of Okinawa (Japan Society Film). Streaming in North America from May 14 - June 3 are the following films: Paradise View, Motoshinkakarannu, and Asia is One (the latter two are available worldwide)