S2E5 - Out of the Dark (1995)


Hello everyone, 

In this episode of Heroic Purgatory, John and Jason discuss the 1995 Hong Kong comedy, Out of the Dark, directed by Jeffrey Lau and starring Stephen Chow and Karen Mok. They talk about the Chow's most memorable scenes (in this film and others) and how Chow's particular brand of comedy elevates all his films above the competition.

Episode Outline and Resources


1:36  Media Consumption
16:17 News
24:10 Film Discussion


Media Consumption

  • “This is how you lose the time war” by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone
  • Assault on Precinct 13, 1976 version
  • A Chinese Ghost story, 1987 film
  • Attack on Titan, season 4
  • Morrowind

  • And Soon the Darkness, 1970 horror film
  • Natural Born Killers, 1994 film by Oliver Stone
  • Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground  Dwellers (C.H.U.D), 1984 SF horror film.
  • Takeshi Kitano films
  • After the Rain anime

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