S2E4 - Hana-bi (1997)


Hello everyone, 

In this episode of Heroic Purgatory, John and Jason discuss Takeshi Kitano's (Beat Takeshi) 1997 Golden Lion winner, Hana-bi (aka Fireworks). They talk about the film's uniquely minimalist aesthetic, beautiful soundtrack, and potential message of hope and/or nihilism, depending on the viewer's mood. We hope you enjoy!

Episode Outline and Resources


  • 1:58  Media Consumed
  • 6:58  News
  • 12:47 Film Discussion


  • Hawaii International Film Festival (finishes May 23): https://hiff.org/
  • Chicago Japan Film Collective (May 25-31): https://www.cjfc.us/ 
  • Miyazaki Upcoming Film likely not to be released this year. 

Media Consumed


  • Theo Angelopoulos films

  • Junho (South Korean film, 2020)

  • Mythic Quest (Apple TV series)

  • Asimov’s “The Stars, Like Dust” (Classic SF novel)


  • Castlevania on Vita

  • Land of the Dead (George Romero Zombie film)

  • Night eats the world (2018 French Zombie film)

  • Over your dead body (2014 Takashi Miike film)

  • Burning (2018 Lee chang Dong film)

Kitano art exhibit in Paris


Trailer and Clips