Episode 4 -- The Killer (1989)


Hello everyone, 

In this episode of Heroic Purgatory, John and Jason tackle John Woo's 1989 action flick, The Killer. They delve into the film's action, production values, religious themes, as well as its place in the "Heroic Bloodshed" genre which John Woo helped invent. 

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Episode Outline and Resources

Media Consumed:

  •  Bonfire of the vanities (still reading). 
  •  Heroic Bloodshed films (A Better Tomorrow, Hardboiled, City on Fire)
  •  Kokutai (short about baseball by Ryushi Lindsay)
  •  Lovers on Borders (review link)
  • Finished Mass Effect video game 
  • A Simple Life (directed by Ann Hui)
  •  La Dolce Vita (directed by Federico Fellini)
  •  The Boys (Amazon Prime series)


Watch the trailer for The Killer:

The Killer commentary track by Bey Logan

Interview with Tsui Hark: