John's Review Archive

Here are old reviews from John Atom kept for archival purposes. Most come from the no longer active VCinema website, where both John and Jason were long time contributors. 

I hope you enjoy this content. 

Bei Bei (USA, 2018) [CAAMFest 2019]

Being Natural (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2019]

The Drum Tower (China, 2018)

Fall Guy (Japan, 1982)

The Gentle Indifference of the World (Kazakhstan, 2018) [Aperture 2019]

Go Back to China (USA, 2019)

Hard-Core (Japan, 2018) [NYAFF 2019]

Illang: The Wolf Brigade (South Korea, 2018)

Liborio: An Artist of the Solomon Islands (Australia/Solomon Islands, 2018)

Meili (China, 2018)

Mishing / The Apparition (India, 2018)

Move the Grave (South Korea, 2019) [NYAFF 2019]

No. 3 (South Korea, 1997)

The Open Door (Bhutan, 2018) [Aperture 2019]

Red Snow (Japan, 2019) [JAPAN CUTS 2019]

Sub-Zero Wind (South Korea, 2018) [NYAFF 2019]

The Sweet Requiem (India, 2018) [Aperture, 2019]

Though I am Gone (China, 2006)

The Wandering Earth (China, 2019)