About the show

Welcome to our show: Heroic Purgatory: An Asian Cinema Podcast
In this show, hosts John Atom and Jason Maher review and discuss all facets of Asian Cinema. 

We hope you enjoy.

About the hosts

About John Atom

John Atom is two things: a molecular physicist by day and a devout cinephile by night. His love for Asian cinema started way back in high school when one rainy night he decided to pick up a rather peculiar-looking DVD of a movie called Oldboy... and he was hooked! Since then, he’s watched just about every Asian film he could get his hands on, and plans to continue doing so. More recently he’s developed a new interest in science fiction, particularly in the interdependence of science and SF, and how one may influence the other.

About Jason Maher

Film fan, family person, and gamer. Always ready to watch horror films, giallo, 80/90s Hong Kong action films, and anime. Final Fantasy Tactics, Shenmue, and Vagrant Story are my jam. Maybe occasionally writes and says words worth reading/hearing. My desert island films are Chungking Express, Nightcrawler, The Guest, After the Storm, Green Room, Battle Royale, Ghostbusters, Patlabor II: The Movie, Ghost in the Shell, and Good Will Hunting. Space Dandy, too!